In memory of Raymond A. Zelek

Raymond A Zelek belonged to a remarkable generation of Americans. Born in 1912, and losing his Father at a young age he was forced to enter the workforce upon leaving High School. Raymond skipped two grades in elementary school, but could not attend college due to his family’s financial situation. He was hired by the Southern New England Telephone Company after High School and made telecommunications his lifetime career. During the Great Depression, working full time and being the sole provider for his mother and 7 siblings, the Zelek Family was one of only two families to keep their home on the street where they lived.

With the arrival of WW II, my grandfather was drafted at 35 and joined the US Army Signal Corps. By this time married, Raymond was shipped to Iran where he helped construct and maintain overhead and radio communication systems.

At War’s end, my grandfather returned home and started his Family. Shortly thereafter moving to the shoreline area.

Connected Systems will provide funds to select local high schools. Seniors from these schools planning to attend a 2 year technical school are eligible.



LED technology has made it! manufacturers have perfected their products’ reliability and colors. Let us provide an energy efficient and long lasting lighting solution. Use LED lighting to illuminate the interior or exterior of your home or business.



Connected Systems promotes environmental awareness and conservation. As a courtesy to our Costumers, we happily will collect and properly dispose of your old batteries and fluorescent light bulbs. Feel free to have these items ready upon our next visit to your home or business.

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